About msenet****

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After the disappointingly cool reception to MSEnet Vier, I decided to lay off of personal website creation for a while. Three things drove this decision: I was busy in school (especially studio), I was busy doing freelance web design for The Granet Network, and MSEnet Version3 was still fairly popular and useful.

Somewhere near early June, 1999, I "rediscovered" Cascading Style Sheets and was instantly galvanized in the decision to move forward with the fourth edition of my personal website.

As I write this a bit over one month later, the site is still in a "beta" stage -- though I hope to have it posted as the official MSEnet website soon. I've decided that I don't particularly give a flying rat's ass at a rolling donut what others may think of my site or, for that matter, how particularly accessible it is. To that end, I've decided to do things that make sense to me (not necessarly anyone else), and to push the limits of what you can do with Cascading Style Sheets. Unfortunately, this means that Netscape's suite of browsers not only do not work with msenet****, but also seem to crash and/or render a multitude of errors. This really makes me sick, because I have always been a strong supporter of Netscape and a dedicated naysayer to Internet Explorer; alas, Babylon! It was not to be... Turns out that not only does IE5 support CSS vastly better than any version of Netscape, but even IE4 supports CSS better than NS4! It's enough to make me puke. (Netscape 6 will supposedly support CSS perfectly and in its entirety, making it even better than IE5; it's under development over at mozilla.org, but they need your help in making sure that it kicks butt. Hop on over there and see how you can help.)

Of course, that means that for now at least, msenet**** can only be viewed with Internet Explorer (4.x or 5.x). I would have never done that intentionally. It is important that you understand that. I do not agree with Microsoft's tactics, intentions, and plans for the future of computing, and it truly sickens me to be stuck using one of the most evil of their products...

So what does the future have in store for MSEnet? Only time will tell. I will graduate from USC on May 12, 2000, and I will lose the free web page I have enjoyed for five years shortly thereafter. I don't know where, how, or when I will effect a mass transfer of my website, but you can rest assured that MSEnet will not end with my education...