The Original "MSEnet"

The so-called original wasn't MSEnet at all. That was a name I came up towards the end of my first year of college. Before that, it was simply I don't remember what possessed me to begin calling my personal website "MSEnet" or when exactly it was, except that by February 1996 (or so) the name was firmly entrenched.

When I arrived at USC in August of 1995, I had no real firm idea what this whole "internet" thing was all about. Oh, how quickly I would learn...

Towards the end of September (or was it the middle of October?), the class assignment was to create a web page for display of our work. Not a huge deal by today's standards, but back in 1995 this was A Very Cool Thing. No one really knew what they were doing, but everyone in the class (it was a 3D computer modelling class) turned out really great sites. (Mine can be viewed here, in slightly aged condition.)

Now, I couldn't sit by and let a classroom assignment be my web site, so I decided to come up with a site with a "big idea," whatever that may be. Unfortunately, I apparently didn't bother to save any of the files from that first site -- or, at least, not enough to reconstruct it. However, I have several pages (and images!) from a slightly later web site (circa May-September 1996) that is nearly identical to the first. Those pseudo-random pages can be found here.

Two parts of this stage of development bear a special mention. The Inner Sanctum was intended to be a bleeding-edge (pun intended) web experience that took the World Wide Web into the third dimension. It was a dismal failure, more due to the lack of knowledge of how to make it work than anything else. Nonetheless, it is an interesting site to visit.

The other noteworthy part is Mikey's Attic. This was a half-hearted hack of the Inner Sanctum -- rather than a "complete" 3D web experience, I decided to settle on a simple image map of a 3D-rendered scene. I never finished it; truth be told, I barely started. However, it was not a complete failure, because it more-or-less directly led to MSEnet v.2.0...