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All HTML and JavaScript code was prepared directly on my university account using Pico, the PIne COmposer. Almost every image was created in Adobe PhotoShop, either release 3 or 4; however, a good deal of the images are actually (heavily) modified, (royalty-free) clip art. Despite this, enough modification has been made to render the end product protected by United States and international copyright statutes. Please do not copy or distribute any of the images on this site without my explicit, written permission. (See immediately below for specific copyright and contact information.)


Contact Information
The most reliable method of contact is "electronic mail," popularly known as "email" (which will be used as the standard convention for this site). I have four email addresses, but two are Ultra-Top-Secret, and I try to keep my school address cleared for school-related correspondences. Therefore, if you wish to send me email, please use I check my email almost every day, so if you send me some and I don't respond (ever... give me at least two days), it isn't because I never received it -- it is because I don't like you.

If, for some unknown reason, you feel compelled to send me printed information, you can go right ahead and do that. Be forwarned that the Post Office is much, much slower than the electronic mail mentioned above! If you send me some mail through traditional means, it could be up to an entire week before I receive it. With a couple of days to think up a response, and another week to send it back to you, it could be close to three weeks before you receive my reply. (If I find you worthy enough to respond to... see above.) So here's my address:

MSE Designs
Suite #32
715 West 28th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007


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As a user of this site, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions within this copyright statement.

Unless otherwise indicated, all information, images, code, ideas, hints, suggestions, winks, generally vague references about almost anything profitable and other content within this site are copyright Michael S. Ellars ("MSE"). Any use of any information, images, code, ideas, hints, suggestions, winks, generally vague references about almost anything profitable or other content contained within this site without the expressed permission of the copyright holder written on standard bond paper with a ballpoint pen will be in violation of International and United States copyright laws. All rights to copyrights held by MSE are reserved! All Inquiries for the use of any material (for which the copyright is held by MSE) may be forwarded to, though a response is not very likely. All copyrights held by other entities (public, private, semi-public, semi-private, for-profit, non-profit, not-for-profit, non-religious, religious, educational, recreational, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, non-dimensional, extra-dimensional, and all other entities not yet mentioned), belong to their respective owners. This site contains content, images, code, and other material which may lie within the public domain. Where applicable, recognition for said content, images, code, or other material is located at the bottom of this copyright statement.

Content Responsiblity
Neither MSE nor the University of Southern California ("USC") is repsonsible for information or content (of any type) located on servers not within the domain. Furthermore, MSE is not responsible for any information or content (of any type) not located within the domain. The user of this site acknowledges that some links within this site point to pages (and their respecitve content) not located within the domain. All users follow such links at their own risk! USC and MSE are not responsible for the information, content, or maintenance of files located outside of the domain. Furthermore, USC is not responsible for the information, content, or maintenance of files located within

MSE makes no warranty towards the performance of any page, or towards the accuracy of the content within any page. The user acknowledges that all code ("scripts") (such as ActiveX, Visual Basic Script, and/or JavaScript routines) are provided "as is" with no warranty towards their performance. Neither MSE nor USC is responsible for the actions or performance of any script, ActiveX control, or Java applet. Some portions of the scripts on this site may cause some browsers and/or some operating systems to crash. Access this site at your own risk!

Pages within this site contain HTML code and scripts which have been optimized for HTML 3.2+ compliant browsers (such as Netscape Navigator 3.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0+). These pages, and their content, may not be accessible to all browsers.

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This site has not been rated by the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC). Therefore, information regarding ratings for this site based on the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS), as proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is not available. Neither MSE, nor MSEnet, nor USC guarantee any ratings, past, present, or future, that MSEnet may or may not (have) receive(d).

Terms and Conditions for Specific "Subsites" within MSEnet
Angel is a private subsite detailing the life and interests of MSE. All information contained within Angel has NOT been verified and therefore should NOT be used for any official and/or legal purposes. In fact, users should take everything posted within Angel with "a grain of salt."
The Gear subsite is included as an unverified technical resource only. The information it contains has been collected over time by MSE and other parties, but none of it has been absolutely verified as to its accuracy. In addition, the JavaScript "engines&qout; within Gear are intended only as study aids and should not be used for "real-life projects" or in any other situation in which lives could be placed in danger. Furthermore, the JavaScript code is optimized for Netscape 4.x and may not run properly on all machines; in fact, it has been verified to crash Netscape 3.x in certain, isolated conditions. Where possible, these conditions have been noted on the applicable page(s), though any program may behave beyond control of the parties to this document at any time without prior notice or warning.
All material in Shell is the copyrighted written and intellectual material of MSE. All Rights Reserved. Any use of written material from Shell, obtained either directly from Shell or indirectly through an essay request, without the explicit written consent of MSE (as noted above), constitutes not only an infringement of Copyright, but also plagiarism if used in an educational manner, or even fraud if used in a commercial environment. MSE will actively pursue any incidents of copyright infringements. MSE also pledges full cooperation with authorities in any investigation involving material taken illegally from Shell.
Compass and all of its contents are explicitly Copyright 1997 by MSE. All Rights Reserved. All users acknowledge that certain links within Compass, specifically (but not limitted to) those within the Compass: West page(s), may lead outside of the domain, and therefore neither USC nor MSE have any control over their respecive contents.
Shadow.Net is the official MSEnet subnet dedicated to Shadowrun, a cyberpunkesque role-playing game set in the middle of the 21st century. Shadowrun, the Matrix, and several other game terms are trademarks and/or copyrighted by FASA Corporation. "Shadowrun" and the other terms are all used without permission; however, this use should NOT be taken as a challenge to the said trademarks and/or copyrights. FASA Corporation owns the rights to these terms! They are NOT within the public domain! Do not use them for commercial purposes!

"Outside" Copyright Notices
NetscapeTM and JavaScriptTM are registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation.
Netscape Now! Logo used by permission of Netscape Communications Corporation.
MicrosoftTM, ActiveXTM, and Visual BasicTM are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Internet Explorer Logo used by permission of Microsoft Corporation.
ShadowrunTM, the MatrixTM, and other Shadowrun game terms are registered trademarksof FASA Corporation.
Shadowrun, the Matrix, and other Shadowrun game terms used without permission. This use is NOT a challenge to any trademarks and/or copyrights held by FASA Corporation.

This copyright statement was updated on January 27, 1998. Copyright 1998 MSE. All Rights Reserved.


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