Q & A with MSE

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This site scrolls sideways.
How very observant of you.
No, I mean, why does it scroll sideways?
Because it is generally wider than most people's browser window.
No, no, I know that. Why did you do it?
Oh, I don't know. To be perverse, I guess. It's such a big no-no, but I really don't see what the huge fuss is about. People never give a second thought to scrolling down, but have them scroll over and it's the end of the world!
So you're saying that you did it for shock value?
Not really. Every iteration of MSEnet has featured something new and different. This is just one of many new and different features.
So what else is "new and different"?
Cascading Style Sheets. If the questions and answers in this document look different (other than indenting), then your browser supports them. If you've managed to come this far, chances are better than good that you're using a CSS-capable browser.
Oh, good.
Yes, indeed.
Is there anything else I should know about?
And what?
What else should I know about?!
Oh, that. Well, you should know that I'm not very happy about Netscape sucking so bad right now. (For more along this line, see my rant entitled Why Does Netscape Suck?) At the same time, you should know that I actually hate Internet Explorer more, it just happens to be that at the moment Netscape doesn't support CSS worth beans.
I've noticed that sometimes the links have onMouseOver statements in the status bar and others don't. What's up with that?
Partially due to laziness on my own part, partiallly due to a really annoying feature of Internet Explorer that has never been fixed and probably never will: the fact that you can't have status= JavaScript calls from within a client-side image-map <AREA> tag. Damn Microsoft for that oversight. Of course, when faced with such a dilema, I've simply resorted to the classic tactic of naming the link(s) with either ambiguous or humorous titles.
How often do you update this site?
Not nearly as often as I would like, but generally every couple of days I'll do something with it. Whether that is adding new content, reformating old content, or just messing around with code is entirely chance.
Are you going to have a revision history list?
I had a nice revision history list going for both MSEnet v2.0 and MSEnet Version3. I don't think I'll make use of one for msenet****, though that decision is not set in stone.