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"Background" Motif Preview
After much debate and experimentation, a series of "expandable" background images has been implemented in the COMPASS subsite. Over the next few weeks, the rest of the site will be similarly modified.





New Splash Page
In keeping with the improved site layout, the Version3 splash page was modified. The new page also uses several "tricks" to make subsequent pages load faster!





Site Layout Conversion Completed
All Version3 pages have been converted to the new tabulated layout style.





MSEnet Version3 counters reset
The page counters on the Splash and Main pages of Version3 were reset to zero to celebrate the new year.





New page layout scheme unveiled
The COMPASS subsite has been updated with a modified page layout scheme, involving an ordered table layout as well as other elements. The remaining Version3 subsites will be updated to match the new layout scheme as soon as possible.




"Incept page" removed
In an effort to streamline entry into the site, the link to the "incept page" (at http://www-scf.usc.edu/~ellars/incept.html) has been removed. The page originally served as the gateway to MSEnet Version3, when MSEnet v2.0 was still the official release; its continued use with Version3 is not necessary. PLEASE REMOVE ALL LINKS TO INCEPT.HTML.




Latest Studio added to Digital Portfolio
Architecture 302, the Fall 1997 studio, added to the MSE Digital Portfolio. (The page is not completed as of this posting date.)




MSEnet receives first official award!
The University of Southern California Interactive Media Club awarded MSEnet Version3 its first offical award this week! Check out past winners at their awards site. The award is shown on the MSEnet Version3 Colophon page.




Chamber added to Shell
Chamber 3 (Traditions) added to Shell




New Splash Page
Unable to track down and remove the faulty code which was not allowing index.html to finish loading, I simply created a new splash page. The new page features some handy "quick start" buttons to areas of interest outside of Version3's mainstream.




Compass: West Closed
Compass: West has been temporarily closed for renovations. The original concept, that of a list of "procrastination links," was simply too ambitious -- it required too much time on my part. A new and improved Compass: West will open soon.




Beam Calculator Updated
The Beam Calculators in Gear: Teeth were condensed into a single calculator capable of handling zero, one, or two cantilevers.




Angel: Physical Modified
Major site work on Angel: Physical, including both new content and new layout.




Chamber added to Shell
Chamber 2 (Monuments) added to Shell.




Update Page Added
This page was added. All future (major) updates will be noted here.